Digital Printing | Digital Imaging | Large Format

Once considered to be a short life alternative to Screen Print, Digital Imaging is now at the forefront of print technology and is capable of delivering long life, cost effective solutions for low volume, large format and complex printed matter.

Following extensive research and development, Screen Services realized the benefits and opportunities the latest technology can provide.  As a result of our research, we have invested in the latest digital imaging equipment using solvent and UV ink formats.

Our extensive range of wide format digital printers allows for on-demand printing. Unlike traditional screen printing where one colour is applied at a time, colours are printed simultaneously during the digital print process. As a result of technological advancements particularly in durability, it can be more economical to use digital printing for short runs, prototypes or one-off bespoke prints, benefiting from minimal setup times. Digital print systems allow for printing of variable data and serialization where elements including Text, Bar Codes and QR codes are required; graphics may also change from one print to the next, without stopping or slowing down production.



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