PVC Banners vs Billboards

Banners vs Billboards

I’m sure everyone knows what banners are and what they’re used for, but what about billboards? If you think about it, they both serve the same purpose, which is to attract customers with whatever you’re promoting. Below are a few differences of billboards and banners:

Banners can be made as big as billboards and as small as store signage, while billboards only have a fixed sized and can only be displayed in a huge area. You would need a lot of space for your billboards.

Banners, on the other hand, can be small and found at any public place to maximize its purpose of attracting people and promoting new events, promos, products, or services.

Billboards have an advantage of being seen in a huge area when promoting a product, service or event due to its sheer size, making them immediately noticeable by the public. Banners may not have an advantage of being able to cover a wide area, but they can cover areas where billboards can no, such as building interiors, waiting sheds, hallways, covered courts, and etc.